About Us

Do you want to savor vegetables grown without chemicals? We do too.

Do you incorporate caring for the planet into your daily life? We do too.

Do you care about supporting local farms and businesses? We do too.

Our Why

We see our role with the land as a tether to the past and the future. We farm to build a more sustainable future. We farm to preserve the stories of the past.

We know climate change is real. On our farm, we are building the organic matter in our soil and it’s biodiversity. We are creating an environment where pollinators and beneficial bugs thrive.

We know stories matter. During each growing season, we tend to vegetable and seed varieties known as “heirlooms”. Heirloom vegetables are open-pollinated, meaning their seeds, and stories, can be saved for generations. Heirloom varieties tend to be more disease-resistant, more dense in nutritional value, and adapt to regional climates with each growing season. All things we can get behind!

Who We Are

We are a farm operated by a father-daughter team and our spouses. The father-daughter team finds themselves most at home with dirt beneath their fingernails, which is why they’ve joined together to share fresh vegetables with you and your family.

Aurora, the daughter, has more than 8 years of vegetable growing experience, from coordinating 2 community gardens and her own backyard. Carl, the father, operated a dairy farm for 20+ years, and continues to raise livestock, hay, and vegetables for the family.

How We Can Support One Another

As a part of the community, we recognize that each of us bring talents that can be shared to support others.

We can support you by:

  • sharing local, pesticide-free, non-GMO produce
  • offering fresh and dried herbs to introduce new health benefits to your diet
  • inspiring you to add vegetables into your meals with suggested recipes
  • sharing knowledge of ways we can be kinder to our planet and community

You can support us by:

  • visiting your local farmers market
  • signing up for our newsletter to receive a free A-Z Produce Storage Guide
  • reading through our blog
  • giving us a follow on Facebook or Instagram
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