5 Reasons to Join our CSA Share

When searching for a community supported agriculture program to become a member of there are several things to consider, such as pricing, location, and direct benefits. While those practicalities are critical, there may also be more value-driven reasons to investigate when determining which CSA is right for you.  While there are certainly specific practical reasonsContinue reading “5 Reasons to Join our CSA Share”

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture – CSA for short – is a farming model where customers and farmers enter into a partnership for a growing season. Throughout the duration of the season, the farm provides customers, or members, with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly agriculture products.  This partnership provides a built-in market for the farm and their goods,Continue reading “What is a CSA?”

What’s Happening on the Farm in March

Wow, March?! Already?! Daylight hours began to lengthen after the vernal equinox. There is a different feeling to the air with the birds returning with their melodious greetings. Although this March was spent “getting things ready” for full-on “farming mode” in April and May, I look forward to the day when we have a reliableContinue reading “What’s Happening on the Farm in March”

What’s Happening on the Farm: February 2022

Another month of 2022 has come and gone and we’ve reached the point where spring is tantalizingly close, yet still distantly filled with dreams and aspirations.  Seed Starting Seed starting continues – and my kitchen/workspace has exploded with seed packets and soil mix. We purchased heat mats this year and we have successfully germinated sweetContinue reading “What’s Happening on the Farm: February 2022”