What’s Happening on the Farm: March 2021

I know that for people who haven’t lived on a farm or spent much time gardening, the months can pass without realizing the rhythm or cycles of the season.

My goal with this monthly series is to provide you with insight on the rhythms of life on our Zone 6 farm.

Seed Starting

I’ve made so many soil blocks this month that my hands are raw and dry from the moisture.

But the smell of the moist dirt, reminds me that a new season of growing is approaching and my heart feels happy.

Direct Sowing

This year has been dry and warm, so I planted my very first seeds in my experimental garden on March 17.

I’m getting the other beds on the farm ready for seeds as well.

Updating Spreadsheets

One very thrilling aspect of farming is spreadsheets!

I’m updating them with information about when seedlings were started, germination rate, and looking through last year’s notes. Each spring is different but I find it helpful to refresh my memory about what happened last year.

Sounds of the Season

Birds have returned and more are visiting the feeder my dad put out each day. I’m even finding birds have found the feeder outside my back door. Their songs fill the morning air with hope.

Big momma robins are everywhere- looking for treasures in the grass. One stood so still and close to me on Saturday, I thought I might be able to scoop her up and take her home.

Sights of the Season

My neighbors’ crocuses have turned their lawn into a sea of purple. As we take a nightly walk, yellow crocuses sprout in flower beds. Snow bells still thrive in the shade of my friends’ garden. Their early showings brighten the sometimes grey days of spring.

My daffodils are green and I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival so I can make a bouquet for the kitchen table.

The garlic we planted in October has green sprouts peaking up through the soil. The overwintered scallions poke up through their leaf mulch that kept the cozy through the winter.

I’m tempted to clean out the flower beds, to remove the dead stalks. But I remind myself that the beneficial insets are still asleep in these places, so I must be patient.

The weeping willow tree has buds emerging on her branches. Her wise wisdom brings the treasures of the spring.

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