What’s Happening on the Farm: January 2022

Well, I don’t know how it happened but the 624 days of January have finally come to an end. 

With 2022 being our second year in business, I’ve set some new goals, one of which is committing to one year of sharing month-to-month updates about what’s going on with the farm. 

I had intended to last year, however things got away from me as we juggled the first year.

While January is a different kind of month on the farm (as in we aren’t in the field or harvesting), we are working on farm-things! 

Seed Ordering

This month we took stock of what seeds we had left from previous year, their viability, and determined what we needed to order this year. While I absolutely love pouring over the seed catalogs, dreaming about this or that variety to try, when it comes down to it, it’s far less romantic. 

Instead, I’m deciding what seeds we need and the quantity with the help of spreadsheets and my handy calculator. 

While I’m definitely still learning how to perfect this system, I think I ordered better this year than I have previously (when I would just “add to cart” to my heart’s content and then not have any room in the garden for half the seeds I ordered).

Seed Starting

While this month there is limited seed starting on the farm, we did start some alliums – scallions and onions. We’ll continue to start a few seed flats every 3-4 weeks so that we have successive harvests throughout the season.


January is filled with a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Honestly in farming there is a tremendous amount of details that goes into getting food to your plate. 

This month we finalized the details of our Community Support Agriculture (CSA) vegetable shares – the varieties, crop calendar, structure, etc. We met with Eden Valley Creamery and are really excited to be partnering with them to offer cheese and curds as an add-on share for our CSA customers. We’re downright giddy to be providing weekly vegetable shares to the community! Shares are still available if you’d like to join.

I’ve spent far too many hours on my laptop, organizing spreadsheets for tax season and developing a content calendar to add value to your Instagram and Facebook feeds. 

My dad has also been building a walk-in cooler for our veggies.


We’ve also been enjoying some rest and relaxation this month…that is, when we weren’t screaming at the television during the Bills’ games.  That one still stings. 

I’ve been checking out lots of audiobooks and e-books from the Wilson Community Library and the New York Public Library. (Did you know all New York State residents can borrow from the New York Public Library?!) 

We’ve also been baking and trying new recipes, uploading and sorting through photos, and organizing those proverbial “junk” drawer spaces that seem to worm their way into every room in the house. 

Until next month!

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