What’s Happening on the Farm: February 2022

Another month of 2022 has come and gone and we’ve reached the point where spring is tantalizingly close, yet still distantly filled with dreams and aspirations. 

Seed Starting

Seed starting continues – and my kitchen/workspace has exploded with seed packets and soil mix. We purchased heat mats this year and we have successfully germinated sweet peppers, lavender, and (drum roll please) rhubarb seeds. 

I am so excited – I have been dreaming of a large patch of rhubarb and while I might have bought crowns, they are expense and add up. So, I took a gamble and purchased rhubarb seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds to see if I could get them to sprout.


While it will take an additional year rather than starting with the crowns, I have planted over 60 rhubarb seeds and are planning to transplant them this spring. Spring 2025 I plan on being overwhelmed with rhubarb pies, jams, and roasted rhubarb. I am thrilled and over the moon about this opportunity to bring rhubarb to more customers at the market too (It was a hit last year!). 

I’ve also continued to sow thousands – literally – of onions and scallion seeds, their black coverings quickly disappearing beneath the moist soil medium.

Rhubarb seedlings sprouting on the heat mat


I’ve been trying to create new systems for communication, book keeping, and organization around the farm. While I think of myself as a fairly organized person when it comes to work, I find that as I squeeze farming into the empty hours of the work day, the paperwork is something I am often scrambling to organize in a cohesive and automatic way.

I can’t be the only one.

If you have a small business (and any tips) I am all ears!

And the only way I’ve found book keeping semi-enjoyable is when I blast the Daughters of Reykjavik. Something about their powerful anthems makes me feel like I can tackle all the numbers that float across my computer screen.

Sharing our CSA 

Launching a CSA was one of my biggest business goals for the year and not only did it launch in February, but we also reached capacity with our available spaces by the end of the month.

This is our first year offering a CSA and I recognize that it takes a different type of work and commitment. Being prone to anxiety and perfectionism, I wanted to ensure we did not bite off more than we could choose, so we are keeping it small.

We are hopeful that the knowledge we can and systems we create this year will allow us to expand our CSA to additional customers next year.

We are so humbled by the support we’ve received. 

The rhubarb field of my dreams

Baking Away

Baking is one of the ways that I process and work through heavy moments and emotions. On top of some personal things, with the news of the invasion of Ukraine, my heart is heavy and sodden, laden with grief for humanity.

Words do not fully describe the depths or nuances of my feelings, concerns, and worries. But baking does.

Baking creates a refuge and safe space. So I’ve been creating and baking including pasta, Icelandic bollu (cream puff buns), and trying out new bread recipes to share at the markets and in the CSA bread shares

bollu, or cream puff buns, with fresh whipped cream and rhubarb jam

Hope your February dreams turn into reality this spring!

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