What’s New for 2023

In Roman mythology the god Janus – for whom we derive “January” – was associated with gates, doors, and transitions. It’s no wonder that we still look to January as the start of new goals and directing renewed energies towards our life.

Here’s a round up of several goals and new directions we are opening ourselves to in 2023.

Expanded CSA Share Memberships

2022 was witness to our first year of community supported agriculture share memberships. Throughout the season we modified and learned as we went, improving our program for our limited membership. Based on their feedback and our experiences, in 2023 we are expanding the number of CSA Share Memberships being offered.

We also continue to expand the number of add-on shares offered to our customers. This year we are partnering with Three Little Hens Baking Company to offer weekly or bi-weekly baked goods as an add-on share option. 

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CSA Share during Week 13 in 2022

New Newsletter Format

Winter months are always good for administrative projects and this year we decided to revamp (and rededicate) ourselves to our newsletter. Sent on the 1st of each month, we send subscribers an update on what’s happening on the farm, recipes, how-tos for growing a garden, tips for living more sustainably, stories of heirloom vegetable seed varieties, connections to local businesses and organizations, and more.

As a thank you for joining our newsletter, subscribers receive access to our digital A-Z Produce Storage Guide. This guide outlines how to best care for the produce you bring into your home, for temporary storage in the refrigerator or longer-term storage in the freezer.

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More Flowers 

Last year we experimented with flowers at the Lewiston Artisan Farmers Market, selling hand-tied bouquets of in-season flowers grown on our farm. This year we are planting new varieties to continue offering bouquets to our customers.

In addition, we are growing varieties that excel when dried. Dried arrangements and wreaths will help us extend the flower season to provide arrangements to our customers for winter holidays and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Dried bouquet of lavender and strawflowers

Experimenting with Fruits

I’ve long dreamed of including more fruits grown without the use of pesticides at our stand the farmers market and in our CSA shares. Through Niagara County Soil and Water Conservation District‘s annual sale we purchased several fruiting crops, including the mainstays of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberries, but also the American cranberry, nannyberries, service berries, paw paw and persimmons trees. These additions will take a few years before they reach their potential but we are excited at the possibility of being able to offer more fruit to our customers.

This year we are trialing some more unusual annual crop fruits, including banana melon and ground cherries to share with our CSA share members and at the farmers market.

New Markets 

We’ll be continuing to be at the Lewiston Artisan Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, June 3 -October 14, but we hope to expand to additional markets this year on a part-time basis.

We haven’t finalized our plans just yet, so are there any you suggest? 

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Farming with a Baby

Typing “farming with a baby,” with a sleeping newborn wrapped on my chest is…phew! An adjustment for sure. I expect 2023 will be a season to remember as I inhabit mother and farmer roles simultaneously. I am really looking forward to watching my son, Naish, grow along with the season, even when I’m overcome with feelings of overwhelm.

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